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An American tulipwood pavilion, designed by David Adjaye, for the 'Size & Matter' project in the London Design Festival 2008.

Press Releases / Copy - (Download all press releases as a .zip file here)

  Sclera - General Press Release
  Sclera - Sustainability Press Release
  Sclera - Design Press Release
  Sclera - A Case Study


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  David Adjaye - Interview
David Adjaye talks about the inspiration behind 'Sclera' and what the project has meant to him, from an Architectural point of view.
  David Venables - Interview
David Venables, European Director of the American Hardwood Export Council, talks about the material for 'Sclera', American tulipwood, and what it takes to bring a project of this size together.
  Speeches & Discussions
Speeches and discussions at the launch of 'Sclera', with David Adjaye, David Venables, and Ben Evans (Director of the London Design Festival)

Images - (photography credit: AHEC)

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