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AHEC Europe :
American Hardwood Export Council
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Providing promotional assistance and technical information on American hardwoods throughout Europe, the Middle East and India.

AHEC programmes and services

AHEC programmes are designed to provide information and services to overseas markets in support of the US hardwood industry.

  • Technical information on US hardwoods. AHEC provides technical information about US hardwood species and products; their applications, variety, availability, characteristics and grades. This information is provided through free publications (available in number of languages), audio-visual presentations, seminars and workshops.
  • Promotion. AHEC promotes American hardwoods to the overseas trade and consumers.
  • Trade delegations, fairs & exhibitions. AHEC participates in major hardwood trade fairs and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas and organises trade delegations to the United States.
  • Membership directory & sources of supply. AHEC provides details of its member companies in the US hardwood industry and sources of supply for the full range of American hardwood species and products.
  • Worldwide Offices. AHEC services the global hardwood trade through six country and regional offices in the UK (for Europe, the Middle East and India), Japan, Mexico, Korea and both Hong Kong and Shanghai in China.

AHEC's programmes are run though the joint efforts of the US hardwood industry and the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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